Movie Reflection: God’s Not Dead

by Chad Gross

I just got back from a 10:30 pm showing at a local theater of Pureflix’s latest film “God’s Not Dead.”  For those unfamiliar with the film and it’s main premise, I recommend going here and watching the trailer before reading further.
Below are some of the questions I had going into the movie and I suspect readers have some of the same questions so I will share them along with the answers.  I do not intend to include any spoilers and my thoughts will be brief because it’s late!

What positive arguments for God’s existence will be presented in the film?

The cosmological argument, the moral argument and the Cambrian explosion all make an appearance.  Obviously, for theatrical purposes, the arguments are condensed but understandable. I could easily imagine someone’s curiosity being sparked by the movie and, as a result, wanting to look into the arguments more thoroughly.
Further, I appreciated the film interacting with the works of contemporary skeptics such as Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking.  Other names mentioned in the film of note were Bertrand Russell, John Lennox and Steven Weinberg.

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What objections to God’s existence will be addressed?

It is stated in the movie that the existence of evil and suffering are the most powerful objections to God’s existence.  The film’s response is both through argument and narrative.  First, in one of the presentations given by the main character (there are 3 total), the free will defense is offered.  Second, a few of the film’s story lines demonstrate how God can work even through suffering. There is also a very good answer offered to the classic school boy objection, “Who created God?” It is also argued that evolution explains very little and even if true would not call God’s existence into question…

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