I’ve always been interested in apologetics, the topic of different world views and ‘why are we here?’ and ‘where are we going?’ I grew up in the church and sometimes kids who grew up in a church can be sheltered and can’t engage with people with different world views… Being Christian I was interested in conversations with coworkers and friends and wanted to start healthier dialog between different people with different views… I really hope this movie can start a dialog. I don’t think the movie is going to answer everyone’s questions… I don’t think any movie can do that, but I hope it can start a healthy respectful conversation. It’s a topic people try to avoid, it can be uncomfortable but it doesn’t have to be… The goal is to not be afraid, not be afraid to talk about it. This movie [God’s Not Dead] is encouraging an intelligent conversation, I think that Christians need to be able to challenge themselves; they need to read books that are on a variety of topics, so they can have a very well rounded understanding culturally, scientifically, socially, philosophically. My advice is to educate yourself, to read and study, God is sovereign over everything so we shouldn’t be afraid to be educated. —Shane Harper