The Importance of Science to Believers

Blaine and a Pen

“Go out into the world and blindly follow the commands of this ancient book. Do not attempt to obtain knowledge outside of this book, for knowledge is evil.” – stated no where in the Bible.

Atheists love to view Christians as willfully ignorant individuals. We as Christians, are seen to have a distaste for science and we disagree with anything that might shake our beliefs. Our reasons for denying theories are not always based on the evidence available to us, but rather our theistic bias.
Sadly, I can’t disagree with everything that is stated in the previous paragraph. Christians are often taught to have a blind faith. They are told that science is an attempt to undermine the scriptures and that the world wants to shove these things into your mind to make you lose faith. Christians themselves are often taught that science is at odds with Christianity. My stance on this can be summed up rather quickly.

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If God is real, science CANNOT disprove Him

This is important to remember. I feel Christians are often scared that certain knowledge will harm their faith. Most ‘religious people’ who oppose science do so out of a lack of faith. If you are terrified by the thought of learning about cosmology and relativity because you believe it could cast doubts upon your beliefs, you should reexamine your reasons for holding those beliefs. Purposely suppressing knowledge based on whether or not it enforces your personal beliefs is self indoctrination. This creates a paper-thin faith that tears quickly under the stress of opposing arguments.The Bible actually tells us to do quite the opposite…


Blaine and a Pen: The Importance of Science to Believers


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