William Lane Craig’s Warrior Children

by Matt Rawlings

A little over ten years ago, reformed theologian John Frame wrote, “Machen’s Warrior Children” about the infighting among evangelical Calvinists following the loss of denominations like the P.C. USA to liberals.  Frame called for a partial truce. He asked for his fellow reformed warriors who had rightfully followed the great scholar J. Gresham Machen in seeing “liberal Christianity” as a separate religion to exercise patience in bringing others into the fold.

Today, many Christians have observed the rapid growth of the secularism and have committed themselves to defending the faith from modern atheists. Modern apologists, both lay and professional, spend a small fortune on books focusing on philosophy, theology and science.  We subscribe to multiple podcasts.  We attend conferences even spending weekends streaming debates between atheists and Christian leaders.

Our nerdom comes at a divinely inspired time for Christian philosophers have been ascending in the academy thanks to scholars like Alvin Plantinga, Richard Swinburne, Nicholas Wolterstorff and others.  We have the opportunity to take back higher education, which has been one of the primary factors in the secularization of the western world.

But will it happen or will we squander or opportunity?

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A number of ministry leaders saw the threat of secularization following World War II.  They included Harold Ockenga, Billy Graham and Carl F.H. Henry and they attempted to engage the culture but, while the majority of Christians respected them, they failed to follow their lead.  The results have obviously been disastrous.

Will history repeat itself?

Most of those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear” what is going on in the culture have looked to Dr. William Lane Craig. He has, in the words of Sam Harris, “put the fear of God into atheists.” Dr. Craig’s mastery of subjects ranging from theoretical physics to analytical philosophy to New Testament studies have inspired countless Christians to study subjects most people consider dry or dense in order to defend the faith.

But Dr. Craig has stated that when he goes to be with the Lord that his ministry, Reasonable Faith, will pass with him.  What happens then?

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