A Taste of What It’s Been Like

by Tom Gilson

My co-edited book True Reason: Responding to the Irrationality of the New Atheism was released about six weeks ago. The book received great endorsements and has garnered very positive customer reviews. You can read all that on the linked page.

The usual atheist line these days is that theirs is the party of reason. They had their “Reason Rally,” they’re promoting a “National Day of Reason,” and they have their “Foundation for Reason and Science” and their “Project Reason.” Atheist groups that don’t wave the banner of “reason” in their titles often include it in their statement of principles, for example the Center for Inquiry and the American Humanist Association.

Our book says that for all their proclamations and pronouncements, reason isn’t their strong point at all. They’re not that good at it: not even their most prominent thought-leaders. Christianity, on the other hand, has a strong claim on reason.

Not all Christian thought is excellent, and not all atheist thinkers reason poorly. That’s not our point at all. Our point is that good reasoning is lacking among the most prominent atheist spokespersons, and that atheists are wrong to claim that Christianity is inherently unreasonable.

Atheist Response

As you might imagine, not all atheists have been happy to hear us say this. I suggest you read the positive reviews at Amazon first. Then steel yourself, because I’d like to give you a taste of what it’s been like for me as the book’s lead editor. Be advised that there’s a lot in here that’s not family-friendly.

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There’s a whole lot of derision and name-calling there, some of it abusive.

One question that keeps popping into my mind as I read these things is, Aren’t they adding to the evidence for the premise of our book? Be assured that the complaints and criticisms you’ll find on those links have good answers, many of which are found within the book; but you won’t find much of a Christian response to atheists’ challenges within these discussions. It is a very unwelcoming environment, where thoughtful, reasoned discussion is virtually impossible to conduct…


A Taste of What It’s Been Like | Tom Gilson


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