Apologist Spotlight: Some Resources for Easter From Randy Everest

Greg’s Note: We’ve posted more than a few articles by tent-maker apologist and blogger, Randy Everest. Here is a compilation of resurrection related articles on his blog that we highly recommend. We appreciate all of Randy’s hard work in the apologetics community and awe also appreciate that he was one of a handful of bloggers who, in our earlier days, gave The Poached Egg a rousing recommendation on his blog (you can read that post here). While you’re checking out or bookmarking the posts below, be sure to stop by his Possible World’s blog Facebook page (here) and give it a ‘like’. Keep up the great work, Randy!

Resurrection Sunday is upon us this week, otherwise more commonly known as Easter. This Easter, take some time to read up on some of the reasons we have for thinking that Jesus of Nazareth was really raised from the dead by God.

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“The Empty Tomb Revisited” – This post discusses reasons we have for thinking that the tomb of the Lord Jesus Christ was really found empty by a group of his female followers on the morning of the first day of the week.

“Barabbas and Jesus” – Why would people want Barabbas over Jesus? What were they thinking? This post explores this tragic part of the story.

“The Crowd” – Have you ever heard someone say that the same crowd who hailed Jesus in his coming into Jerusalem would call for his crucifixion seven days later? That’s probably not true, and we’ll see why in this post!

“Unlikely Story of the Women” – Do we have contradictory accounts of the discovery of Jesus by a group of his women followers? Are there any plausible answers?

“Was Jesus Crucified on a Friday?” – Or was it on Thursday? Or even Wednesday? How should “three days and three nights” be taken? Read up and decide for yourself!

“Significance of the Resurrection” – What does it all mean? The Resurrection is, in fact, the most important event in all of human history. Every Christian must understand this.


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