Atheist Fundamentalism

by Matt Rawlings

I was shocked and somewhat amused by the emergence of atheist churches a while back.  I was even more befuddled by the campaign for atheist chaplains.  But then I began seeing the term “atheist fundamentalists” in apologetic literature and blog posts and it all fell together–the new atheists are truly a sectarian movement placing blind faith in materialism and refuses to listen to reasoned criticism. The new atheists are actually religious fundamentalists!

Merriam-Webster defines fundamentalism as follows, “ a movement or attitude stressing strict and literal adherence to a set of basic principles.” One needs to look no further than the new atheists’ absolute commitment to Darwinism despite its flaws.  In fact, when Harvard’s Stephen Jay Gould, the most respected paleontologist of the modern era, criticized evolution for the lack of evidence in the fossil record as well as logical problems with the theory, he was viciously attacked by the likes of Richard Dawkins.

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For example, it is clear that random mutations may render a creature more prone to attack rather than benefit it.  An appendage that is neither an arm or a wing is simply a liability in a predatory environment.  When Gould raised the question of what good part of an eye would benefit a creature supposedly “on the way to sight”, Richard Dawkins attacked his inquiry with the empty dismissal that it was, “not a very good question.” Darwkins actually tried to assert that a part of an eye gave partial sight.  Of course, Gould’s question was a fine one because a part of an eye does not necessarily give partial sight, in fact, it gives absolutely nothing but rendering the creature subject to a greater risk of  attack by predators.  Yet, Dawkins, an many any other new atheist, refused to even concede this fact.  Such an uncritical dismissal of any challenge to one’s worldview is by definition fundamentalism…

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Atheist Fundamentalism | Pastor Matt


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