Endorsements for Greg West and The Poached Egg

Endorsements for The Poached Egg ApologeticsGreg’s contribution to the on-line Christian apologetic community is invaluable. The Poached Egg (TPE) site functions an aggregator of the best content on the internet concerning Christian apologetics. The information is well organized, and by following TPE on Twitter or Facebook, it is easy to stay abreast of the trends and articles concerning apologetics. A secondary contribution that TPE provides is a sense of community among the apologists contributing material. In a day when the organized press is increasingly hostile to Christian values and ideals, the sense of community is important. TPE allows us keep track of what our colleagues are writing. It is encouraging to know that we are not alone. We have entered a time in Church history where many people (both churched and unchurched) are Biblically illiterate. If the Church is to heed the call to make disciples, we will have to be able to present reasonable arguments in defense of our beliefs. We need resources like TPE more than ever to assist us in the preparation that is vital for us to be successful in our mission. Greg has my financial support toward the continuance of his ministry with TPE. I have benefitted greatly from TPE and assume that others have also. I wish them continued blessings as they move forward with this vital ministry.Mark McIntyre (blogger at Attempts at Honesty)

Endorsements for The Poached Egg ApologeticsGreg West provides a valuable service for the Christian community with his website The Poached Egg. With so much content available online, it is easy for people to either be overwhelmed by it, or to remain entirely unaware of helpful resources. Greg’s work of content curation means that readers who are interested in apologetics can find consistently high-quality material for ministry, apologetics, and educational use. Furthermore, The Poached Egg helps to build community among Christian apologists, fostering a spirit of support and mutual encouragement in what is often a very challenging ministry field. Finally, Greg makes effective use of ‘apologetics in new media’ as he uses social media in effective ways to further the cause of Christ.” Thanks for all you do, Greg!Dr. Holly Ordway (Chair, Department of Apologetics, Houston Baptist University; blogger at Hieropraxis; and author of, Not God’s Type: A Rational Academic Finds a Radical Faith)

Endorsements for The Poached Egg ApologeticsI cannot adequately say how much I appreciate what Greg has done in the service of Christian Apologetics. I am a pastor as well as a high school teacher at a Christian school, and I find myself increasingly saying, ‘Why don’t you check out the Poached Egg? It’s got a TON of resources.’ For all the work you do, Greg – thanks!Anthony Weber (Pastor, teacher, blogger at Empires and Mangers and TC Apologetics and author of, Learning To Jump Again: A Memoir Of Grief And Hope)

Endorsements for The Poached Egg ApologeticsThe Poached Egg has been in invaluable resource both in my own ministry and in directing interested seekers and apologists to a wealth of resources. By consistently providing links to articles from a number of areas of interest for Christians, TPE has become one of the most important hub sites for Christian Apologetics. I have been blessed by Greg in a number of ways, and I am particularly appreciative of his efforts to share others’ works with his readership. When he links an article of mine, I am able to observe a notable spike in traffic for several days, along with numerous hits over the course of time as interested readers search his site. I highly recommend the resources he provides, and further commend his dedication to the field of apologetics and the service of the Kingdom. -J.W. Wartick (MA in Christian Apologetics, Biola University, blogger at Always Have a Reason)

Endorsements for The Poached Egg ApologeticsThe Poached Egg is by far the most influential Christian apologetics ministry on the internet, reaching the ends of the earthspreading the reasons for the Christian faith, edifying believers and providing intellectually powerful reaso
ns for the truth of Christianity to unbelievers.
Arthur Khachatryan (Apologist, blogger at Cold and Lonely Truth and author of, Cold and Lonely Truth: The Beckoning of God’s Reality in an Age of Rationalization)

Endorsements for The Poached Egg ApologeticsGreg West and his blog The Poached Egg is doing the apologetics community a wonderful service. Greg has posted several of our articles on TPE and it has caused a readership that I could have never attained on my own. TPE offers a wealth of information to both the seeker and the Christian. Greg works so hard to make sure his site has the best content and that it is up to date. Once again, the TPE is blessing to so many people and doing a tremendous service for the Body of Christ. – Eric Chabot (Director, Ratio Christi, The Ohio State University)

Endorsements for The Poached Egg ApologeticsI consider Greg West’s “The Poached Egg” to be one of the best apologetics blogs of all time. Greg has the ability to grasp the essence of an issue and address it in a deep, thoughtful, balanced and readable way. Highly educational! Highly recommended! Dr. Edgar Andrews (BSc, PhD, DSc, FIP, FIMMM, CEng, CPhys. Emeritus Professor of Materials Science, University of London, UK, and author of Who Made God? Searching for a Theory of Everything)

Endorsements for The Poached Egg ApologeticsThe Poached Egg performs the vital function of communicating truth in an accessible manner that informs without dumbing down and challenges without antagonizing. A great resource for Christians and skeptics alike. There is no apologetics web site quite like it, which reflects Greg West’s God-given discernment and wisdom and Greg’s desire to provide answers to those who doubt.Stephen McAndrew (Attorney, Apologist, Ratio Christi Chapter Director, blogger at Songs of a Semi-Free Man, and author of Why It Doesn’t Matter What You Believe If It’s Not True: Is There Absolute Truth?)

Endorsements for The Poached Egg ApologeticsThe Poached Egg is doing great things to draw laymen and others to an interest in apologetics. Greg knows how to trigger the “share” instinct behind all the traffic TPE drives back to the sources of the easily digestible quotes and articles he features. The way Greg’s website is laid out pot-luck style with creative graphics and delivers something for every sort of seeker who will land at his site. I still get traffic for my blog post “Why is Apologetics So Important?” now and then that he featured over a year ago. I also enjoy TPE’s occasional ‘Humor Break’—Greg has a great sense of humor, and he is a great encourager too, always offering positive feedback to bloggers who share their posts on the site. He is proof that apologetics, even as intensely as it is needed, is fun! I pray the Lord launches his ministry into full time, and I’m excited to watching it grow! I know that as his ministry grows, the whole field of apologetics will grow right along with it as a direct result, and that God will use Greg and The Poached Egg to His glory to equip believers and draw doubters into the Kingdom. – Maryann Spikes (Writer, apologist, blogger at Ichthus 77, and editor of the Christian Apologetics Alliance blog)

Endorsements for The Poached Egg ApologeticsWriting a recommendation for The Poached Egg is like writing a recommendation for bacon. It’s obviously amazing, and nobody can deny it. I’ve been following TPE for a couple of years and it’s one of the best finds I’ve come across pertaining to Apologetics. TPE always links to thought provoking, well written, and consistently quality blogs, articles, resources, quotes, and websites, not to mention their own articles and resources on the website itself. I’ve only been blogging a short time, and TPE has been a huge supporter and I honestly can’t thank them enough. They help aspiring apologists with steady encouragement and invaluable resources. Greg operates TPE with integrity and class, and I can’t recommend his ministry enough!Chad Miller (Apologist and blogger at the Christian Apologetics Alliance)

Endorsements for The Poached Egg ApologeticsI want to say how valuable Greg’s the Poached Egg is on two levels: one, as an aggregator of information, one of the best go-to places on the Internet for a wide range of solid Christian thinking. To me it’s also an encouragement. I appreciate it when TPE links my articles there—it boosts traffic very noticeably, which indicates they’ve got a good amount of readership. Two, I also appreciate seeing others’ articles there—to learn from and to remind me I’m part of a living community of people with similar concerns.Tom Gilson (Apologist, Ratio Christi Field Director, strategist and writer at BreakPoint, blogger at Thinking Christian, and co-author/editor of True Reason: Christian Responses to the Challenge of Atheism)


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