Meet Greg West: Master Chef of ‘The Poached Egg’

by Sheryl Young

Greg’s Note: I’m thrilled to have been interviewed for this month’s edition of Ratio Christi’s News Blast!

Greg West runs the fifth most popular Christian apologetics website on the Internet, The Poached Egg. We’re pleased that he and his food-for-thought blog are now part of the Ratio Christi family on a full-time basis. This is quite a feat for a guy who grew up in church, but let his own doubts about his faith become an excuse for going off and doing his own thing. Meet Greg and learn more about The Egg in this post.

“When I left home and joined the Army,” West explains, “I met a lot of people with other beliefs who were just as sincere as Christians. So I didn’t know what was right. I started studying the reasons behind believing in Christ around 2001, without knowing what the word apologetics meant. Christianity seemed to be the only religion that adequately explained and offered a solution for the human condition and evil in the world.”

West first discovered apologetics through Lee Strobel’s book, The Case for Christ. “I asked myself, why haven’t I heard of this before? Once I got deep into apologetics, I wanted to share it with people. So I started the website in 2010.”

Q: What led to a funny title like The Poached Egg for your blog?
A: C.S. Lewis wrote in his book Mere Christianity (paraphrased): A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said wouldn’t be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic – like a man who says he is a poached egg – or he would be the devil. So I just thought that was a befitting name for a blog that was going to tell the truth about Christianity.

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Q: Everything on The Poached Egg isn’t written by you. How did you get all these writers together?
A: I discovered other websites like Apologetics 315 and J. Warner Wallace’s Please Convince Me (Wallace is also the author of Cold Case Christianity).  I’m grateful I have reason to believe my faith is historically grounded and grateful to the people who spent years researching the validity of Christianity to reach their conclusions. So I decided to bring some of these writings together with mine and others and make The Poached Egg a hub of information for everyone – the apologist community, other Christians and also seekers and skeptics.

Pretty soon, West was having people suggest columns to him from other writers on all sorts of logic and evidence about Christianity.
“People are recognizing that their kids are drifting from the faith as soon as they get away from the nest. Apologetics used to be mainly done by men, but now there are more women doing it, too. In fact the International Society of Women in Apologetics is celebrating their fifth year.”

Q: How do people at all different levels, from experienced evangelists and apologists to Christian laypeople and curious seekers, find answers to their questions at The Egg?
A: Currently, people can go to the right-hand column to search any subject, for example Christianity or atheism or skeptics, and click on a word that will direct them to posts. In the future, I might divide it into sections for scholars, beginners, etc. I try avoiding articles that are so scholarly you can’t read them. But at the same time, I want the stuff for the apologetics-educated person, and even for myself, to read above our own level and learn even more…

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