Movie-like apologetics training hits universities

by Greg Yoder

Have you seen the movie God’s Not Dead? If you haven’t, it’s about a Christian university student who takes an ethics class and is forced to write on a piece of paper “God is dead” so he can avoid a difficult part of the class. Instead, the student must prove the existence of God in a lecture format in front of his peers in order to get a good grade. If he fails to convince his fellow student God’s not dead, he fails.

While it’s only a movie, similar situations are taking place all over the United States. Christian young people are being told by professors there is no God and they need to fall in line.

President of Ratio Christi Rick Schenker says that’s one of the reasons his ministry exists. “Ratio Christi is Latin for ‘The reason of Christ.’ Basically what we do is recruit trained apologists to work on university campuses to start apologetics clubs.”

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Why is apologetics training needed? Schenker says, “Studies say anywhere between 50% and 80% of [professing Christian students] are losing their faith.”

It’s happening because most of them aren’t trained to defend their faith intellectually. “We train them in what’s called classical apologetics, which is defending the faith with logical reasoning and scientific, historic, and philosophical defenses and evidence.”

What are the results? “It’s amazing! As Christian kids learn this, they become amazing evangelists…

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