The Inevitable Pain of Disappointment and How We Can Properly Respond

by Brian Vallotton

Disappointment. We all deal with it on different levels. Disappointment comes from unmet, unrealistic, or unfulfilled expectations. It is wired into each of us to expect:
We turn on a light we expect…

We put a key in the door we expect…

We are kind to others we expect…

We love God and read the Bible we expect…

Yet we do not always get what we expected. Sometimes we get the opposite of what we expected! Dealing with disappointment is an essential skill that we must develop to overcome the surprises, losses, misunderstandings, and trials that life inevitably brings our way.

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We have all experienced in varying degrees the downward spiral of losing hope. First our expectations are not met. We then become discouraged. The next step down is discouragement, which if we continue to entertain leads us into despair and depression. The result: WE are no longer vital and effective and our productivity and zest for life becomes practically nonexistent!

In the next few blog posts  we will look at the three primary areas in which we all at one time or another can become disappointed and then examine a few ways to overcome our disappointments.

It’s okay. We can admit it. Is there anyone that has never been disappointed with God? I don’t believe so…

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