The Question of Existence

by Steven Kozak

The question of existence has been, and continues to be one of the most fundamental questions throughout human history. How did all that we see, come into existence? We see the question come to life in science, religion, and even literature.

Imagine for a moment that a loud bang occurred outside the door of your room. Many, if not all of us, would be asking the question, “what was that, where did it come from?” Was the noise an explosion, an object that fell, or some other cause? I believe the same notion holds true of the universe. It is natural for us to ask, “where did all this come from?” Because there is an explanation for everything that exists, and in this case, I assert that the best explanation for the existence of the universe is God.

In other words, everything that comes into existence has an originating cause that explains its existence.

Many, in search of an explanation of the universe, might simply declare nothing has caused the universe it just pop into existence, ex nihilo. Almost as if the Big Bang gathered enough amounts of nothing to suddenly create something in an unprecedented cataclysmic event. However, if somehow the world started with nothing, out of nothing, we would continue to have nothing. After all, out of nothing, nothing comes. When we speak of

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nothing we are talking about more than just empty space. Even a space which appears to have nothing is still something. Nothing is the absence of even space itself; no properties, nothing at all to measure. But, clearly we have something. No matter how long you wait, no object is going to randomly appear out of nothing.  And no one would be justified in waiting for such an event to happen.

Philosopher, Russell Standard comments, “It seems to be that as soon as something exists then it calls for an explanation, whereas a state of nothingness does not require explanation.”

It clearly is not true of things in the universe, so there is no reason to believe that it can be true of the universe itself.

We have something, and its existence cannot be explained by appealing to its nature–therefore there must be something else from which it comes–something that serves as its efficient cause.

So that leaves us left with only two options for how this universe came about. 1. Either the universe has somehow always been here or 2. it began to exist through an originating and sustaining cause beyond the constrains of space and time.

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