What Happens When Dr. Hugh Ross Visits Your Church

by Andrew Corbett

We’ve just hosted Astronomer and Astrophysicist, Dr Hugh Ross, for a five day Easter campaign. Before he arrived, after we announced he was coming to Launceston, we became aware of the campaign of opposition to his visit. I only looked at a fraction of the emails which were put in circulation among my colleagues calling for a boycott of his visit. In these emails, and printed materials, Dr Ross was accused of being “a charlatan“, “a tool of Satan“, “an atheist pretending to be a Christian“, “divisive“, “heretical“, who “distorted the Bible“, promoted “secular” science over the Bible, and did not take the Bible “literally“. In the week he actually arrived in Launceston, one ‘ministry’ website declared that Dr Ross was “racist” because “he teaches that Australian aboriginals are not human!

In every instance (and I did not have time to challenge every opponent) when I asked if these opponents if they had actually read a Hugh Ross book or attended one his talks, the answer was: no. This was extremely disturbing.

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Our first meeting was a Business Breakfast which was nearly sold out two weeks before the event. For those familiar with events in Tasmania, this was extraordinary! In fact, we sadly had people turned away at the door of this first event because we were fully booked out. Dr Ross was questioned about how he understood the “days” of Genesis 1-2 and gave a reasoned response showing that the expression, ‘evening and morning‘ occurs no-where else in Scripture (and is not applied to the seventh “day”) and that the Hebrew word translated “day” (‘yom’) has four literal meanings – (i) 24 hours (“Last Tuesday was her birthday.”); (ii) Daylight hours (“While it is day, we will work.”);  (iii) Part of the day (“It took us all day to drive from Launceston to Hobart.”); (iv) A long period of time (“Back in the Romans’ day there was a lot of bloodshed.”). Of note, Dr Ross pointed out that the Hebrew word for era, long time, is the same Hebrew word, “yom” (often translated in English as “day”, but the same Hebrew word used Genesis 2:4 is used to describe the entire period of creation from Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 1:26).

We held an Apologetics Seminar the same day as Business Breakfast which was nearly fully subscribed – quite remarkable for a mid-week, weekday event. One of the questions which came up during the seminar was about the physical laws such as gravity, the speed of light and the second law of thermodynamics.  Dr Ross stated that God created these laws to govern what He was creating. He cited Jeremiah 31:35 and 33:25 as straightforward examples of this Biblical claim. Thus, when someone attempted to persuade him that radio-metric dating techniques are unreliable, he simply pointed to the Scriptures to show that the Bible states it is designed by God to be reliable…

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