Why You Either Believe Or Reject The Bible

By Robin Schumacher

I’m fortunate to have a Master’s degree in Christian Apologetics from a seminary with a strong apologetics focus, having been taught my apologetics and philosophy by one of the top Christian defenders alive today (Dr. Norman Geisler). This means I am well-versed in the defense of the Bible and can provide various evidences (e.g. historical, archaeological, philosophical, prophetic, etc.) as to why the Bible is trustworthy and should be believed.

I also have a Ph.D. in New Testament with my dissertation being on the apologetics of the Apostle Paul. This means I can carry on conversations about manuscript evidence, the internal consistency of the New Testament and much more, all of which add extra weight as to why the Bible should be believed.

Even though I am schooled in all these things, and value the information greatly, they are not why I believe the Bible is true.

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Skeptics and the Bible: Those who distrust all or parts of the Bible do so for numerous reasons. For many, the primary cause is a presuppositional bias against the supernatural. A man coming back from the dead, walking on water, instantly curing diseases and more immediately raise red flags to the skeptic because such things are not routinely observed and therefore are dismissed as fable.

For others, the contents of Scripture simply rub them the wrong way. The God of the Old Testament seems merciless and cruel, the moral pronouncements seem outdated and go against their chosen desires/lifestyle, or they don’t like the idea of Hell. Still others object to the Bible on philosophical grounds. They don’t understand, for example, how an all-powerful and loving God could permit evil to occur in the world.

Although these are all questions/issues that deserve good answers (which have been given), these explanations are not why non-Christians don’t believe the Bible to be true.

Why People Embrace the Bible: If you’re a Christian, do you remember when or how you came to believe in the truthfulness of the Bible? I do. I was an engineering/business student in college. We went to church, but I couldn’t have cared less. I’d never opened the Bible myself one time in my life and read it…

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Why You Either Believe Or Reject The Bible


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