Will the real ‘public figure’ please stand up? And, no, it’s not me…

by Greg West

Ok, so why start another blog when I already have a wildly popular blog (The Poached Egg)? Well, the answer to that is fairly simple. The Poached Egg is a blog, or aggregator, if you will, that is focused primarily on Christian Apologetics and worldview issues. Although a large portion of my life is dedicated to that discipline, there is actually more to me that I would occasionally like to express.

For instance, let’s say I want to write rant about the jerk that cut me off in traffic the other day- well, a Christian apologetics website would not really be the appropriate place to do that. Although I guess it could be if I tied it in to the problem of human nature or the problem of evil and the existence of God or free will vs. determinism or something like that, but the truth is that sometimes I just want to express myself without getting all cerebral… sometimes I just want to express my feelings- yes, we Christian apologists actually have those. Sometimes it actually does hurt our feelings when those of the anti-Christian persuasion (or even fellow Christians) hurl insults at us saying things like there is no evidence for God, you’re too stupid to live, or you’re going to hell because you posted that quote from Bono who is also going to hell because he’s a rock star.

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Another reason I wanted to start this blog is because according to Facebook, once you reach 5,000 friends on your profile, you’re a ‘public figure’. Well, ok, I’m not quite there yet, but at the time of this writing I have over 4,600 friends, so I may be jumping the gun a bit. But- just to assure you (and myself) that I am actually a public figure, I’ve included in this post a picture of me publicly speaking to… what looks like a room full of empty chairs. Oh wait… you can see someone’s arm there at the bottom of the picture which proves that there was at least one person there (I promise I did NOT photo shop that arm in there)…

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The Poached Greg: Will the real ‘public figure’ please stand up? And, no, it’s not me…


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