Apologetics: Don’t Let Them Leave Home Without It

by Melissa Cain Travis

When I began the journey of formal apologetics education, I knew that someday in the future my knowledge would be incredibly valuable in parenting my children. I have dreamed of the day when I would launch them into the college world with their feet planted firmly in an intellectually solid worldview, armed with the best philosophical, scientific, and historical arguments for the Christian faith. What has caught me off-guard, however, is the fact that I began needing my apologetics knowledge almost immediately, and my kids are still very young. I’ll share a couple of examples with you.

Several months ago, my second-grader was helping me organize our DVD collection in the family room TV cabinet. Out of the blue, he says to me:

“Mommy, what if God isn’t really there? What if he’s just made up?”

After my initial shock that this came out of the mouth of a 7-year-old, however precocious he may be, I steered the conversation in this way:

“Well, let’s think about that. We know that we exist and that our universe exists. All of this had to come from somewhere, right?”

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He responded, “It could have all been here since forever…maybe nobody made it…maybe the universe has always been here.”

I was then able to explain the Kalam cosmological argument to him (in second-grade language) and talk to him about the discoveries made by Edwin Hubble that show that our universe had an ultimate beginning. But the conversation didn’t end there! He wanted to know why it had to be God that created the cosmos. I went on to explain the Leibnizian cosmological argument, the conclusion of which states that God, by definition, is the Creator of the universe.

And you know what? He understood ALL OF IT. Know what else? The look of comprehension and peace that came over his little face was PRICELESS.

Fast forward to today…

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