Atheism vs. Christianity: Which Provides The More Comprehensive Worldview?

by Matt Rawlings

I’ve been reading Alister McGrath’s excellent new book, If I Had Lunch with C.S. Lewis (Tyndale 2014).  Professor McGrath writes that one of the reasons Lewis moved from atheism to Christianity was that the latter provided a much more comprehensive and consistent worldview than the former.

There are numerous intellectual reasons to reject atheism and embrace Christianity and the scope of one’s worldview is only one of them.  So, Please don’t misunderstand me.  I am not saying that the following is THE knock out punch for faith in Jesus but it is one of the arguments that one may look to for choosing Christianity over atheism.  All that being said, here we go:

How do these competing world views answer how the universe is created? Christianity responds that an eternal, intelligent designer created the universe in an event we call “The Big Bang.”  Atheists reluctantly admit there was a Big Bang but when pressed on how a creation could pop out of nothing, they respond, as Richard Dawkins did in an interview with Ben Stein, with “We don’t know that yet!”

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Advantage Christianity.

How do these different world views account for the presence of complex beings like humans? Christians contend, once again, that we are the creation of a loving, intelligent being.  Atheists argue it is the product of random, unguided mutations.  Yet, the latter cannot account for the lack of fossil evidence to support their position nor can they answer how transitional beings could survive (i.e., a creature with an appendage that is neither a wing or a fin or an arm renders one extremely vulnerable to extinction, it does not given one an procreative advantage) or how such complex information is created and successfully passed on from one mutation to the next.

Advantage Christianity again.

How do these competing world views reply to the fact that people believe there are objective rights and wrongs?


Atheism vs. Christianity: Which Provides The More Comprehensive Worldview? | Pastor Matt