Choose Your Placebo

by Josiah David

“Sadly the placebo effect is not limited to medicine. Many people have worldview placebos – false, naïve, misinformed beliefs that allow them to live in a safe fantasy world of their own mental creation.” -J.P. Moreland

The variety of worldviews out there is simply astounding. I’ve heard plenty of interesting versions of how the Christian walk should be played out, and I’ve even witnessed the conjoining of foundational ideas from two completely separate religious perspectives. The prevalence of such loose parameters in beliefs and the sheer volume of differing perspectives is largely a result of the lack of deep consideration and even flat out rejection of the concept of absolute truth. Many don’t even delve into any in-depth consideration of what truth governs the cosmos and what that understanding would mean for them. I believe that many worldviews out there are formed by the subconscious; their guidelines extricated primarily from the reigning desires in the individual’s life. This is a lazy approach to the most important decision an individual can make. Whether or not you believe in eternal consequence, your chosen worldview will shape the entirety of your living existence and even ripple beyond the life you lived into the lives of others. Consider it well.

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The claim that there are no absolutes is most certainly its own greatest undoing. Through stating this belief, no matter how fervently, the foundation for this claim and any others stated after is shattered into pieces. The obsessive fixation upon immediate satisfaction of selfish desires in the here and now is one culprit in embracing this fallacy. In a world of no absolutes, this life can be lived in whatever way most pleases the self-appointed captain of his or her short-lived destiny. But what then? Let’s not think about that now. When this happy fairy-tale is interrupted by the prospect of eternal consequence and a call to real, challenging responsibility, the defenses are bound to be raised up, and the flak is gonna fly. The continuation of normalcy in an adopted lifestyle and the invaluable comfort found therein must be defended at all costs. We are all seeking after peace, are we not? But at what cost? Donning blinders to steadily-approaching consequences will only allow peace for so long; and the true, fullest extent of peace will never be known…

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Choose Your Placebo | Josiah David