God is Not Your Punching Bag

by Josiah David

Many often find themselves in a place where their circumstances cause them to justify a tirade against God and the way that He runs things. First of all I want to let you know that I am guilty of this and have had my share of bouts with the Almighty God whenever I have found myself to know better than He. Of course the truth is, I don’t know better; none of us do. Even in circumstances that seem so far from our understanding of fair and just, we are still not justified in questioning the immeasurable goodness and wisdom of God. His character is as He says it is and will always be; it is the epitome of good, and it is unshakeable. The same cannot be said for our perception of Him based on the difficulties our circumstances, which in many cases (let’s be honest) are very trivial in the grand scheme of things. This is where faith in the true nature of God is able to be put into practice and perfected. Not to say that we will discover perfection in this life, but that the process of working towards perfection will be continued. It never ends as long as we reside in these earthen vessels.

I confess that I hardly feel qualified to approach this subject when the “trials” that I have endured are almost laughable compared to the devastating experiences that so many have seen in this life. Yet I believe I can offer a reality check to those of us who make a habit of questioning God (yes, myself included) when every detail in our lives doesn’t seem to work out in the way that we desire. I’m certain that Job would feel the need to place a good slap in the face to those who so often allow “first world problems” to extricate a flow of complaints towards God, as if His goodness suddenly becomes questionable and the rain on our parade is a mean prank from a big bully in the sky. Let’s quit that.

I would say that a line must be drawn somewhere when it comes to practicing the freedom of being “honest” with God. I’m not asking for a false representation of how we feel when we come to Him in our mess, I’m merely submitting that more thinking before speaking should take place, just as it should in any of our earthly relationships…

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God is Not Your Punching Bag | Josiah David