Apologetics 101: Miracles and Science

by Matt Rawlings

Before I move on to speak about how human consciousness and objective morality is a problem for Darwinists, I need to say a very brief word about miracles and science.

Atheist evangelist Richard Dawkins once stated, “The Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, The Raising of Lazarus, the manifestations of Mary and the Saints around the Catholic world. Even the Old Testament miracles, all are freely used for religious propaganda, and very effective they are with an audience of unsophisticates and children.”  Isn’t he sweet!

But Dawkins simply expressed, in a snarky tone, the beliefs of materialists.  Naturalists assert that miracles are contrary to science, so miracles are impossible.  But this is actually a logical error known as a categorical mistake.  Science is not designed to measure the supernatural.  Thus, saying science has eliminated the possibility of miracles is like saying, “there is no beauty because I can’t weigh it.”

Miracles, by there very nature, are one time events while science relies on recurring events that can be measured under similar circumstances. Thus, miracles really fall more under the rubric of history and even Dawkins admits there is “some” evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which we will look at later.  It doesn’t mean miracles are contrary to science, they just lie outside of it.

Some atheists argue that miracles are so extraordinary that they require extraordinary historical evidence.  But picking the right lottery numbers are extraordinary, so is an asteroid buzzing Russia, are we not expected to believe news reports about these phenomenon?

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Apologetics 101: Miracles and Science | Pastor Matt