Does God Exist Beyond A Reasonable Doubt?

by Dr. Rice Broocks

In this week’s “Defender of The Faith” series, Dr. Rice Broocks addresses a common challenge he frequently encounters with skeptics.

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt- Not Possible Doubt”  When skeptics say you can’t prove God exists they are using a different definition of “proof” than is normally used in everyday life. We don’t have to prove something beyond a possible doubt to assume it’s true .. just beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s certainly the standard in a court of law. If someone is charged for a crime for which there were no eyewitnesses or direct evidence they can still be prosecuted if it can be shown beyond a reasonable doubt that they were the culprit.

In light of this, consider the claim that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. This belief is the foundation of the Christian faith. Hundreds of people actually claimed they say Him after His resurrection. Yet, there are those that offer wild theories to explain the possible ways His body could have disappeared from the tomb.

Let’s talk real crazy for a minute Is it possible that aliens (the outer space kind) came down and took His body into their spaceship and Christ followers just assumed He had been resurrected? Well, I guess you could say it’s theoretically possible, but obviously not reasonable. On a more realistic note, is it possible that Jesus disciples actually stole his body from the tomb…


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