How Well Are You Preparing Your Kids For This?

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Regardless of what age your kids are, do you have a plan in place now that will help your children to:

1. Weather allegations that Christianity is archaic?  Silly?  Unintelligent?  False?

2. Be confronted with religious pluralism and understand how their own faith fits in?

3. Handle being taught by at least one university or college professor that will seek to reason or humiliate them out of their religious convictions?

4. Confront the challenge that religious beliefs are only held by the unintelligent?

Yesterday I posted about the traumatic university experience of one young woman.  Her story is not unique.  Brett Kunkle provides more examples and a wake-up call for parents in his 50 minute DVD Who’s Waiting For Our Kids?  You have to listen to it.  You have to respond to it.  It’s got me pumped to make the most of our summer vacation this year.  Here’s more from the DVD.

The number one reason that young people are walking away from their faith is intellectual skepticism.  There are too many challenges to their faith that they think they can’t answer.  They assume that there are no answers to them.

Given your current plan to raise your children, will they have a response to these challenges and others?

  • That evolutionary psychology explains how people hold or come to religious beliefs regardless of their being no evidence for these religious convictions.
  • That there is overwhelming evidence for evolution.
  • That gender is a social construct.
  • That truth is a social construct.

How are you planning to prepare your children for the moral reality of campuses (and high schools) that have:

  • Sexual promiscuity?
  • Porn stars hired to teach students during sex week?
  • Sexual activity occurring in the open?
  • Casual hook-ups?
  • Transgender students using the lockers and restrooms of their choice?

Education is the most powerful ally to winning the hearts and minds of a nation.  I’ve spoken about this before.  Anyone who is in the business of shaping cultural values – from the environmental movement to secular humanism – targets the classroom with their message.

Can your kids articulate what they believe and why they believe it?

Or are you hoping that a few hours of Youth Group a week will inoculate your kids from this?

This post is not meant as a scare tactic.  It’s meant as a reality check…

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How Well Are You Preparing Your Kids For This? | Beyond Teachable Moments