Is God a Person or a Lawn Mowing Robot?

by Jason Wisdom

Imagine that someone invented a lawn mower that would mow your grass all by itself. All you had to do is push it around your yard one time so that it could map the terrain. After that, you would only have to turn it on and let it go. (By the way, if this technology already exists, please let me know). Now suppose you turned the mower on before leaving to run some errands and it normally takes a couple of hours for the mower to do it’s job. If you returned three hours later and the yard wasn’t mowed, it would be reasonable to conclude that the mower was either malfunctioning or stolen. The logic goes like this: 1.The lawn mower is supposed to mow the yard. 2. The yard isn’t mowed. 3. Therefore, the mower is either malfunctioning or was stolen.

Could you confidently draw the same conclusion if a person was operating the mower? Suppose that the neighbor’s kid agreed to mow your grass on Saturday while you were running errands and it wasn’t done when you got home. Would you have to conclude that the mower (yours or his) was either stolen or malfunctioning? No. There are a whole host of  other possibilities when a person is involved. That is especially true if his mower has been proven to be reliable and reports of theft in your neighborhood are basically non-existent. He may have a legitimate reason for having missed his appointment.

It seems to me that a lot of objections raised against God make the mistake of approaching him as a machine rather than a person…

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Is God a Person or a Lawn Mowing Robot? – Because It’s True