It Takes More Than False Facts To Rattle

Christianity’s Confidence

by Tom Gilson

A few weeks ago Harry H. McCall posted this challenge on John Loftus’s blog:

Explanations for Luke Breuer and David Marshall (or Any Christian Apologist) to Answer:

A. Apart from myth and superstition, please name at least one scientific discovery the Bible has given humanity.

B. Please explain how theology is a valid approach to logic, especially in making the world a better place.

C. Based on medieval monasteries, please explain why books in these libraries were organized by monks based on truth and knowledge of the time and why in our scientific age, this order is totally reversed: 1. The Bible 2. Theology 3. Philosophy 4. Medicine Is now: 1. Medicine 2. Philosophy 3. Theology 4. The Bible

D. Please explain how any theology that justifies “C” above can ever be taken seriously.

E. Please explain why human knowledge is condemned in Genesis 3 with humanity eternally punished, yet the very same knowledge (gained by eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge) now must be used by Christian apologists to defend the very God who has cursed humanity forever.

F. Please explain how the Bible is any different from the mythological world of other false religions or why the Bible can’t objectively face itself in the historical religious mirror without denying reality.

G. Please explain why the Bible (The Word of God), which reveals absolute truth must be constantly defended especially in societies (such as the United States and modern Europe) that have freedom from religion.

H. Please explain why God, outside of the Bible, is seen functioning only though subjective interpretations and why the words faith, theology, or God are NOT found in Black’s Law Dictionary and why such words so vital to theology and doctrine as constantly argued by apologist would never hold up in a modern court of law.

I. Please explain why no other field of objective inquiry is fixed on unproven dogma for 2,000 plus years, especially dogmatic religious faith that continually fails to provide advancement in stopping human suffering.

J. Please explained why a self professed ancient work known to Christianity as the Old Testament claiming to record at least 4,000 years of world history directed by God vanishes into thin air before 200 BCE.

K. Please explain why, apart from the New Testament’s Gospels, a Historical Jesus fails to have left any mark in Roman Palestine apart from the dubious comment of Josephus.

L. Please tell us, apart from theology, how you KNOW the Bible is objectively true.

M. Based on the above answers, please explain why any future apologetic objections should be taken with little more than a grain of salt.


A. Please explain why the lack of any scientific discovery counts against the validity of any field other than science.

B. Theology is not an approach to logic, and no one said it was. Christianity, however, has made the world a better place in thousands of ways. Want evidence? See how wide a radius you need to travel from your home before you find a hospital with a religion-related term in its name. Turn on the radio to a classical station and see how long you listen before you hear something by Bach or any of the other strong theists. I could go on, but there are more questions to answer…

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