Rice Broocks With A Call To Become “Defenders Of The Faith”

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Rice Broocks – Become a “Defender” of the faith The initial hope of the creators of the movie “God’s Not Dead” was and still is to inspire millions of believers around the world to become defenders of the faith. I remember how the eyes of Pure Flix leaders Russell Wolfe and Michael Scott lit up at prospect of this kind of an impact. “We see this as having the potential of being a movement not just a movie” said Wolfe.

Those words seem almost prophetic in light of the millions of people that have seen the movie in America as well as around the world (7 million + and counting). It is deeply encouraging to hear the reports of nation after nation experiencing the same positive reaction to this faith-based drama that is being witnessed in the U.S. Now comes the vital phase of seeing the dream of a new generation of “defenders” rising up.

This was my motivation as well in writing the book. “God’s Not Dead” (the evidence behind the movie) As a father of five as well as a Christian pastor it was vital that I did my part to help see this kind of movement begin by stating the evidence for God as clearly as possible so that it could be grasped by anyone with a desire to understand. As I continually tell my teen-age sons , “This may be a little over your head, but it’s not out of your reach” In fact , the Scripture tells us in 1 Peter 3:15 that we are to prepare ourselves to give a defense of our faith.

In the movie, “Josh” does just that. After responding to his atheist professor’s challenge to publicly defend his faith in God in front of the entire class, he gets prepared by studying Scripture as well as reading books in order to grasp the reasons to believe and then give a compelling presentation. This underscores the fact that real faith isn’t blind…

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