The Power of Atheism to Change Lives

by Rich Deem


Okay, so the title of the page is a little misleading. But it did get your attention. And you immediately reacted to it, because you knew that the title made no sense. Is there any advantage to being an atheist? Testimonies about the power of atheism to change lives are difficult to find. When you do find them, most atheists talk about being free to think critically – being a “free thinker.” However wonderful this freedom is, one must acknowledge that the atheist’s freedom is not at all complete, but is very much limited by the philosophy of atheism. According to atheism, all phenomenon have a naturalistic explanation. With this as its overriding paradigm, the atheist never considers a supernatural explanation, even when such an explanation makes more sense. In fact, the atheist will believe in wildly unlikely explanations, for example, regarding the origin of life and the origin of the universe. How much “freedom” does an atheist really have?


Most atheists believe that Christianity teaches Christians to ignore the facts and base their entire lives upon some sort of touchy-feely kind of “faith.” Contrary to that view, the Bible teaches the importance of knowledge and wisdom and making rational decisions based upon the facts. The Bible challenges believers to “Test everything” and “Hold on to the good.”1 God Himself in His revelation to Isaiah stated, “Come now, and let us reason together…”2 The very reason why atheists attack Christianity above all other religions is because Christianity directly challenges the atheist’s assertion that belief in God is irrational.

A more complete examination of what the Bible says about knowledge and reason can be found in the page, Why are Christians So Stupid? – Does the Bible Teach Blind Faith?


When it comes to morality, atheists tend to be very quiet about what role atheism plays in shaping their personal morality. You won’t find atheists saying that their atheism was influential in getting them off of drugs, stopping their alcoholism and ending their addictions to pornography, gambling, or any other personal moral fault. The fact is that atheism has no power at all to change personal morality (in a positive way)…

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The Power of Atheism to Change Lives