Three Simple Strategies to Help You Become A Better Christian Case Maker

by J Warner Wallace

I’m preparing for the 2014 CrossExamined Instructor’s Academy (CIA) from August 14th to 16th in 3th in Mathews, North Carolina. This is my second year on the CIA faculty and Frank Turek is graciously trusting me to lead a session on “Tent-Making Christian Case Making”. If you haven’t yet signed up for CIA, don’t delay. The admission process closes on July 1st, and it’s my hope this experience will both inspire and equip you as a Christian Case Maker. Together, we’ll train each other to be the best “One Dollar Apologists” we can be. Part of my session will focus on important strategies to increase our cultural impact, while another section will focus on making better visual presentations. Today, I’d like to preview a strategy you can take to have an effective online apologetics ministry:

Recognize Your Identity
God has shaped each and every one of us to have a unique impact on our world. In order to be as effective as we can possibly be, we need to assess the gifts God has given us and recognize how these gifts shape our identity. When people think of you, they will form (either consciously or unconsciously) the following statement: “I know John Smith, he’s the ‘X’ guy.” The only question is: what is the “X” people insert to describe you? How are you identified? This plays a huge role in how you will (or ought to) impact your world as a Christian Case Maker. The stronger and more easily identifiable your “X”, the more likely you’ll become a resource for the Christian community. Sometimes your “X” is linked to your professional career, sometimes it’s linked to a book you’ve written, sometimes it’s linked to your ministry affiliation, sometimes it’s just linked to your ethnic, cultural or personal background.

Think about a few well known examples: “I know Hugh Ross, he’s the astrophysicist.” “I know William Lane Craig, he’s the debate guy, right?” “I know Fazale Rana, he’s that biochemist I heard about.” “I know Greg Koukl, he’s the Stand to Reason radio guy.” “I know Nabeel Quereshi, he’s the ex-Muslim.” “I now Josh McDowell, isn’t he the guy who wrote Evidence That Demands a Verdict?” Starting to get the idea? Think of it this way: if someone was writing your Wikipedia page, what would they write in the first sentence? The more narrow, specific and recognizable your “X”, the more likely you’ll be to impact the world as a Christian Case Maker. There are times when folks need to hear your voice, from your unique perspective, but first they need to know where you are coming from. I have an associate named Natasha Crain. She is a smart, talented blogger and thinker and she started a great blog called Christian Mom Thoughts. Her influence is growing because people have come to recognize her “X”. She is a homeschooling Christian Mom who writes from this perspective every week. She is uniquely positioned on the basis of this identity, and her impact will continue to grow…


Three Simple Strategies to Help You Become A Better Christian Case Maker | Cold Case Christianity