What Purpose, Apart From God?

by Ed Jarrett

Does your life have purpose, a reason for being?  The answer to that question is really dependent on the existence of an intentional creator; a creator for this universe, and so, indirectly, you.  Is this universe and all it contains the product of a creator; God?  Or is it just the product of random chance?

Most people I have talked with seem to feel like their life has purpose; purpose gives meaning to life, and it keeps me going when life isn’t fun. Google defines purpose as “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.”  My purpose as a human is based on the reason for which I exist.  So just why do we exist?

I am convinced that this universe, and my life, were created by God, and that he had a reason for doing so.  I believe that reason has to do with preparing me, and others like me, for a life with him that extends beyond this universe.  God’s purposeful creation gives my life purpose, a reason for being.  I exist because God made me, and he made me for a reason.

But what if there is no creator?  What if all we see is the product of blind chance?  Naturalism is a philosophy that operates under the assumption that all that is, is the result of natural processes, that there is no supernatural agent responsible for creation.  This is the position of atheists, as well as others who reject that the universe was intentionally created.

Now if naturalism is true, and we are simply the product of blind chance operating through natural processes, does life have any purpose?  To the naturalist, life is nothing more than a series of complex chemical reactions, that just happen.  It has no reason for its existence, and thus no purpose.  We are fundamentally no different than a bug or a rock…

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