Why We Need Apologetic Pastors, Part 2

By Dr. Andrew Corbett

Each Sunday I have something to say to my congregation about the defense of our faith. In fact, I must say something. For example, when Lawrence Krauss was featured in the Australian media for “proving (scientifically) that God did not exist” (see here and here). I had a pastoral duty to address Krauss’ claims before my church. Largely because of what I’ve learned from Reasons to Believe (RTB), I was able to describe Krauss’ assertions in understandable language to my congregation and help them recognize how unconvincing a case these claims were for atheism.

It can’t be left there, of course. Church leaders must continually point out the truthfulness of the Bible as supported by history, philosophy, biology, astronomy, mathematics, cosmology, and geology. Pastors don’t have to preach about these things—but they are wise to intentionally draw upon them to illustrate Scripture’s reliability, in order to reach an increasingly skeptical world.

Getting Equipped for Apologetics

Discovering RTB greatly aided my journey toward pastoral apologetics (see part 1 of this series). In my opinion, this ministry is also the premier apologetics training resource for busy pastors. The RTB scholar team gleans the latest scientific discoveries from the literature of various scientific disciplines and discusses the philosophical and theological concerns of the day—all in layman’s terms that even a pastor like me can understand. One of the most attractive features of RTB’s ministry is that they offer resources in so many formats—books, articles, videos, and podcasts—so that even a car trip can be turned into an apologetics classroom!

By acquiring the skills and utilizing the appropriate resources, any pastor can be equipped in apologetics. When pastors take the time to do these things it helps to attract people in science-based professions to church and, better yet, encourages them to trust the God of the Bible. But perhaps even more urgently, it is pastors’ duty to be ready to help those in their charge who are struggling with resolvable doubts—resolvable if pastors use apologetics…

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Reasons To Believe : Why We Need Apologetic Pastors, Part 2