5 Reasons Christian Teens Need Apologetics

Real Life Apologetics

There are many reasons why providing Christian youth with apologetics training is vitally important.  Before teaching students how to give reasons for why they believe Christianity to be true, we must first be ready to help them understand that Christianity is rational so that they are ready to engage the flood of ideologies they are encountering.

There are many influences that are potentially giving them reasons not to believe.

1.  Social Media is a huge influence in their lives.

Through the technology of smart phones, our kids are connected to people like never before.  And while some parents haven’t embraced Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a host of other such connection platforms, our kids have.  According to a Pew study published last year, 94% of teens have social media accounts.  Those using Facebook have an average of 425 friends.  That’s 425 people having an influence in teen’s lives everywhere they go.

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2. The Bible stories they learned as kids aren’t sufficient for faith.

While the caricatures of the animals on Noah’s ark and Daniel in the lions’ den make are cute, they convey that the events depicted are fiction.  What differentiates how little ones view Bible stories from Dr. Seuss stories?  Also, our use of words such as “story” and “characters” when teaching the Bible serve to discredit the events as being real.  As a result, as kids grow up, some struggle with trusting the Biblical accounts as reliable.

3.  As a result of the above items, teens are asking more questions. 

Even if it is just in their heads, they are wondering about morality, mortality, the reliability of the Bible, the possibility of miracles, and dozens of other questions that directly impact their faith.   They need to  be encouraged to ask these questions.  These questions aren’t harmful to someone’s Christian faith.  Having influential adults dismiss these questions by saying “You just gotta believe’” is harmful…


5 Reasons Christian Teens Need Apologetics | Real Life Apologetics