5 Ways That Pastors Can Introduce Apologetics
Into Their Ministry

By Stephen Bedard

So you are a pastor who has caught a vision for apologetics. But how do you do that? Will people be overwhelmed? How do you bring up apologetics in a non-academic setting? Here are five suggestions to get things going in your congregation.

1. Don’t mention apologetics. The word ‘apologetics’ scares a lot of people. There is no reason that you can’t do apologetics without dropping the term. The name itself is not important.

2. Use apologetics in your preaching. For many Christians, their main biblical interaction is in the sermon. There are two ways for you to preach apologetically. You can preach a series from a book that has a lot of apologetic content. My pastor is preaching from 1 Timothy and I can’t believe how much apologetics comes up in this book. You can also preach on apologetic subjects, such as the problem of suffering and natural revelation.

3. Introduce apologetics in counseling. I understand that much of pastoral counseling is about letting the person talk about their problems and for the pastor offering the ministry of presence. At the same time, you can gently offer the apologetics tools that may not mean much at first but…


5 Ways That Pastors Can Introduce Apologetics Into Their Ministry – Stephen J. Bedard