8 Myths About Apologetics

By Stephen Bedard

There is such a wide range of attitudes toward apologetics. Part of this is because of some misconceptions about apologetics. I will try to clear up some of these here.

1. Apologetics is about arguing. In a way, apologetics is about arguing in the sense of presenting an argument. But apologetics is not about arguing in the popular sense of getting angry. It is to be done in a positive and gentle manner.

2. Apologetics is a purely academic exercise. Many think of apologetics as being about professors with multiple Ph.Ds debating each other. While

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there is a major intellectual component to apologetics, it can be done in other ways as well. Demonstrating love and fighting for justice can also be ways to be apologetic.

3. Apologetics is only a means of evangelism. Apologetics is very useful for clearing away objections to Christianity for non-believers. But apologetics is just as much for believers. It is a means of discipleship that helps believers grow stronger in their faith.

4. Apologetics only concerns philosophy. While many apologists study philosophy, it is not the only discipline. Biblical studies, history, science and numerous other fields are just as important…


8 Myths About Apologetics – Stephen J. Bedard