Atheism and the Blame Game

by Terrence Covin

There is a common theme that I have been coming across as of late and it has truly bewildered me. If you’ve hung around atheism forums or have shared your faith with atheists this will sound familiar.

“I grew up as a Christian but when I got older I became an atheist. My parents were very strict, religious individuals. They forced me to church every Sunday and we read the bible a lot. However I noticed that I was having doubts and questions that nobody could answer for me. In fact, showing any lack of faith was frowned upon. On top of this I saw hypocrisy in the Church. So when I got older I left the Church and Christianity to find truth and came to realize there was no God. I found my answers in science.” – Johnny Come Atheist

Sound familiar? I bet it does. If it doesn’t, give it some time and you will eventually hear something similar.

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I call this the Atheist Blame Game. See, what the atheist does, is blame everyone else besides themselves for their position. Somehow, because they’ve had a bad experience with Christianity or maybe grew up in a house that expressed hypocritical faith, they’ve concluded Christianity must be fake. This has led them to break the mental chains they’ve been encased in where they then have found the refreshing fountain of truth…in science. But logically, this is just ridiculous.

See, growing up there were things that I learned science could not answer. For example, where did life originate from? Not to mention, the “facts” in science that have changed over the years like the age of the universe. If you’ve been paying attention to secular science you may have seen the recent debacle concerning the so called “god particle” and the conclusion that if the Big Bang theory is true the universe should not exist. How many of us learned about the Big Bang theory through formal education? It was pushed as a fact and still is. Despite the contradictions, secular agendas and ineptness that exist within the scientific community, you don’t see people leaving science. The very idea of it sounds ridiculous. But by the atheist’s logic, a bad experience presents enough ground to reject the entire object of the experience…


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