Evolution Is Politically Incorrect

by Dan Greenup

When it comes to explaining how we all got here, most people believe in evolution. Curiously, many of these same individuals support gay “marriage,” abortion and are strongly opposed to racism. Apparently, they’re not aware of what evolution actually teaches.

After all, evolution doesn’t support homosexuality. Quite the opposite, the supposed point of evolution is to pass our genes on to the next generation. This is often described as “survival of the fittest.” Well, last time I checked, homosexuals can’t make babies. Sure, there’s in-vitro fertilization, but it’s costly, usually unsuccessful and it involves a whole lot more effort than the old-fashioned way. That’s not exactly what I’d call a “reproductive advantage,” and naturally, it still involves a man and a woman. Incidentally, if there is a “gay gene,” evolutionists would view it as a harmful mutation. Talk about being politically incorrect!

To make things more uncomfortable, evolution is also strongly “anti-choice” regarding abortion. Indeed, if life is all about passing our genes on to the next generation, killing babies would amount to “devolution” in action. That said, evolution did lead to the explosion of the eugenics movement in the 20th century. Hitler and other supporters of eugenics thought abortion was acceptable for killing “undesirables” to help speed up the evolutionary process. Obviously, that’s not politically correct, and it’s an embarrassment for most self-respecting evolutionists to this day…


Evolution Is Politically Incorrect