Grand Central Question

by Steven Kozak

In the foreword, Josh McDowell comments, “If you care about truth, this book is for you.”

I could not agree more. I have read plenty of books surrounding Christian apologetics, even wrote one myself (insert shameless plug here), and Abdu Murray’s Grand Central Question is sure to rank among the best. Abdu, a former Muslim and now president and founder of Embrace the Truth International, seeks after more than just answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Abdu looks beyond the question’s answer, to its intent. The why behind the what.

Put aside for a moment that Abdu is a friend in ministry and that we have had the opportunity to work side-by-side on a few occasions. I had been anticipating this book for some time and was excited to start reading. But what I found was not at all what I expected. For no other reason than pure ignorance, I was anticipating a traditional type of apologetics book; arguments for God, Jesus and the resurrection with some comparison to other religions, and of course I expected a thorough treatment of Muslim beliefs. All of which you will find woven throughout the pages of this text. But once I started reading it become very clear, very quickly, that I was in for much more than a general overview on the subject of Christian apologetics and worldviews.

The book is divided into three fundamental parts, focusing primarily on the dominate and at times, pervasive worldviews Christians will face daily…


Steven Kozak | Grand Central Question