How to Start an Apologetics Blog

by Stephen J. Bedard

You have bean reading apologetics books and attending apologetics conferences. You have been reading apologetics blogs and you feel like it is time to jump into the blogosphere. How should you go about starting your own apologetics blog? Here are ten steps to starting your own blog.

1. You need to begin by choosing which site you want to host your blog. WordPress and Blogger are two of the most popular but there are many other good ones as well. This is my WordPress site and my personal blog is on Blogger for you to compare. Each has their own strengths. I think the WordPress templates look nicer, but if you want to monetize your blog with ads, Blogger is easier. Either one works well.

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2. Choose a name for your blog. Be creative but not too creative. It should be catchy but it also should give people some idea of what your blog is about. Don’t pick something that only you will understand. The original name of this blog was Apologia but I changed it to Hope’s Reason to go along with my ministry and journal. Pick something you can stay with longterm.

3. Don’t try to duplicate another blog. Don’t go to your favourite blog and try to do exactly what they are doing. I love Apologetics 315 and The Poached Egg. But I don’t want to do what they are doing because they are already doing it and they are doing it far better than I ever could. Find your own way. Sure, you can learn from others, but find your own identity.

4. Find your own specialization, preferably a topic you already know about. It is fine to include general articles on apologetics. But it is nice to also have some focus. For example, my area is New Testament and I have particular interests in the historical Jesus and the Jesus myth. I will have other articles on intelligent design, ethics and other topics, but I always remember where my strengths really lie…


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