Is God True? God’s Existence Make Sense of Our Universe

by J Warner Wallace

Detectives assess evidence at death scenes to answer the most critical questions: Is this a natural death or a homicide? If it’s a homicide, which suspect best explains the evidence at the scene? While there may be a number of potential suspects accounting for some (or most) of the evidence, one suspect will usually emerge as the “best” inference, explaining the evidence more completely (and more reasonably) than other alternatives. One suspect makes better sense of what we are seeing evidentially. As good detectives, we then infer this suspect is, in fact, the true killer. In a similar way, each of us holds a view of the world (something we refer to as a “worldview”) attempting to explain the common observations. We observe the world around us and begin to think about potential explanations for what we are seeing. We then offer the most reasonable explanation to explain the

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evidence. We are inferring to the best explanation. Is God True? God’s existence makes sense of our universe and provides a satisfactory answer to life’s most important questions. God is the most reasonable explanation.

Every one of us develops a particular worldview in order to explain our observations and answer life’s most important questions. Along the way we make a decision between two potential realities: a world in which only natural forces are at work (an atheistic worldview known as Philosophical Naturalism) or a world in which supernatural forces are at work in addition to natural forces (as represented by Theistic Worldviews). I hold a theistic worldview because I believe it best explains the world around me, and it does so in a way unequaled by the philosophical naturalism inherent to atheism. In the ten most intriguing and important questions asked by humans, Christian theism continues to offer the best explanation, especially when compared to philosophical naturalism…


Is God True? God’s Existence Make Sense of Our Universe | Cold Case Christianity