John Lennox and Current Myths about Religion and Science

By Phil Steiger

It is a privilege to get to hear John Lennox in person, and I would recommend that if you are interested in matter of the Christian faith and science you should look up some of his debates or lectures. In his first plenary session at the AG Faith and Science Conference, he focused on thee “myths.” These are ideas currently floating around about science and God that are false, and in their ways, dangerous to reasonable reflection on either topic.

Here are the three myths and a few brief thoughts about each.

1. There is a war between God and science. The conflict is not about God on one side of the issue and science on the other. There are very good scientists who do very good science on both side of the issue. The conflict lies on a deeper, more worldview level. What passes for the conflict right now is the difference between Theism (specifically Christian theism) and Naturalism/Materialism. Lennox’s basic axiom, as he called it, is that the universe is not neutral in its proclamation about God. He detailed several issues concerning both the history and philosophy of science making the case that Christianity is the engine that drove the scientific revolution.

2. The more we do science the less we need of God. This myth is a misunderstanding about God, or more appropriately, a conflation of ideas about gods and the idea of God. If you define God as a simple explanation for things we don’t understand…


John Lennox and Current Myths about Religion and Science