New Atheism Is Making Science the Enemy of Religion—But It’s Not

by Dan Van Deen

The Genesis & Genetics conference hosted by the Assemblies of God is a major step to show that science is no threat to the Bible.

At the second Faith and Science Conference, themed “Genesis and Genetics,” held June 23-25 at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri, pastors, educators, scientists, students and laypeople came away equipped with information that kept the conference buzzing with excitement.

“New atheism is making science the enemy of religion, but it’s not,” states Dr. James Bradford, Assemblies of God general secretary. “The goal of the conference was to equip spiritual leaders to be able to interact with congregations who are scientifically literate and to answer the hard questions people are asking. The men and women who presented at this conference are born again Christians who are also considered leaders in their scientific fields—including areas such as genetics, mathematics, astrophysics, neuroscience, chemistry, biology and theology.”

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Bradford says that it was important for the conference not to deify science, like the secular world does, but also not to demonize it either. He believes the conference achieved its objectives.

The featured guest speaker for the Faith and Science Conference was Dr. John Lennox. Lennox, a world renowned Christian apologist and professor of mathematics at Oxford University, England, kicked off the conference with a Sunday morning service at Central Assembly of God in Springfield (which can be heard at here under the headline “In The Beginning…The Word”). He has debated the leading atheists in the world, and during the conference, Lennox pointed out lethal weaknesses in atheists’ arguments…


New Atheism Is Making Science the Enemy of Religion—But It’s Not