Stop Feeling Guilty

by A. Maeve McDonald

More and more Christians today seem to be feeling guilty. In a politically correct culture that’s pegged us as bigoted, narrow-minded, judgmental, and unloving, we all-too-often find ourselves hanging our heads in shame and pleading “guilty.” If you hear something bad about yourself enough times, maybe you start to actually believe it. And so we apologize for ourselves and try to reinvent ourselves in a way that will garner wider-appeal. We strive to be relevant in a world that seems to be evolving rapidly without us. We downplay biblical truth and talk innocuously about “love” conveniently avoiding its true meaning and Godly origin.

And so, we want to be liked by the world.

We’re aghast at the sinful behavior that so often creeps into our community. We’re ashamed of our broken churches filled with broken people. We wince at the hateful behavior of Westboro Baptist Church types (who, despite their tiny numbers, get way more media coverage than the vast majority of compassionate Christians do). We squirm at the problematic—sometimes violent—history of the church. We find ourselves sinking in a pit of generational sin. But instead of rejoicing that despite being sinners, our righteousness is in Christ, we seem to be morbidly more comfortable with clinging to the guilt.

And so, we want to be forgiven by the world.

With the move away from the fire-and-brimstone preaching style of yesteryear in which guilt and fear sadly dominated our faith, we’ve ended up losing much of the accountability, but we’re still hanging on to all of the guilt. Satan is the “great accuser,” and we’re willingly giving him our ear. We believe too many of the lies we hear about ourselves and we lament the way the world sees us…


Faith Actually: Stop Feeling Guilty