The Dynamic Duo: Curtis Hrischuk & Greg Reeves at NCSU

by Sheryl Young

Curtis Hrischuk at North Carolina State University (NCSU) is one of the four original Ratio Christi Chapter Directors. He started with us in 2008 when RC was a fledgling organization under the leadership of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) right there in North Carolina (see our interesting History page after reading this article!).

The NCSU chapter currently has 17 to 18 regular members but sometimes 30 in attendance at their meetings. “I am in awe of what Jesus is doing with Ratio Christi,” Hrischuk says. “This is purely Him, ‘raising the standard’ to counter all of the atheist activity at colleges and universities. Members from the chapter of the Secular Student Association came to a couple of our events in the early years. They were extremely close minded.”
But Hrischuk makes sure not to dwell on the numbers of students.

“My advice to newer leaders is don’t go for a quantity of students, go for quality – students who aren’t satisfied with shallow answers to their questions. These are the leaders of tomorrow. Teach them to be courageous, provocative and righteous. There’s no room for compromise. Call a lie a lie, and the truth the truth.”

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Hrischuk continues, “There’s you, your adversary, and those that are listening. Try to convince listeners. It’s hard to win the adversary, and we need to awaken to the fact that the post-Christian culture needs to be addressed differently [than in previous generations].”
Before he was an apologetics guy, Hrischuk was a “party guy.” He recalls, “While studying engineering in college, I was the typical party guy. One friend I used to party with found the Lord and invited me to church. “I thought, ‘If I go, he’ll owe me a favor.’ I was a cultural Catholic, but ended up getting saved. That was 1984.”

As a new Christian, when he couldn’t find anyone to answer his questions, he found the book Reason to Believe: A Response to Common Objections to Christianity (R. C. Sproul, 1982). That’s how he got involved in apologetics. He became a registered apologist for Hugh Ross’s Reasons to Believe organization (RTB) and has extensively studied atheism and evolution. He’s still on RTB’s e-mail list as someone who gives guidance, answers questions and keeps track of where science is going.

A funny thing happened on his way to the restroom
“When I finish my PhD [in Computer and Systems Engineering from Carleton University] I moved from Canada to Seattle, and eventually here to North Carolina. I felt students were being annihilated by the culture, so I went to a conference sponsored by SES and saw a poster for Ratio Christi on my way to the restroom. I was staring at the poster when this big hulking guy came up to me and asked if I was interested.”

The man was Simon Brace, Director of Evangelism at SES. He started explaining Ratio Christi to Hrischuk…


The Dynamic Duo: Curtis Hrischuk & Greg Reeves at NCSU | Ratio Christi