The Josephus Mirror Code is CRACKED

by Rob Lundberg

About a week ago, we received on our Ratio Christi at Germanna Facebook page a summary of a work by someone who embraces the claims made in the Zeitgeist movie. Apparently he has written his own work entitled, “The Josephus Mirror Code: How and Why the Romans Invented Christianity.”

Apparently the synopsis takes issue with the historicity of Christianity, Jesus and the Gospel records. What I would like to do is take on some of this writer’s problematic assumptions over the next few posts. I won’t give you the full quote of what he put on our wall. It was rather humorous, and disturbing at the same time. The disturbing fact of this is not because of any truthfulness of what he wrote. Rather it is the fact that anyone claiming to “do history” would even venture to write such a poor attempt to discredit historical Christianity.

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The writer challenges Jesus’ existence in history as well as the historical fact of the development of Christianity in the First Century. How does he do this?

He makes a faulty assumption based upon the Jewish and Roman historian stating (from his quote on the RC Germanna wall),
The New Testament documents have no contemporary historical evidence written by anyone (outside) those documents to prove Jesus Christ and his followers ever lived.  The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is said by (Church Tradition) not official history to have happened around 33AD. . . Why Josephus and all the 1st century historians neglect to mention Jesus Christ or any Christian person until 94AD, leaving a GLARING (61 year gap) of any written mentioning, makes the origins of Christianity appear extremely suspicious. please note – there were over 38 historians actively writing during the years of Jesus Christ and none of them wrote one word about him or any of his miracles or followers.

This is a multi-angled “crack”at biblical authenticity and a committal of genetic fallacy, putting the credibility on later sources. It is clear that the writer has not honestly looked at history…


The Real Issue: The Josephus Mirror Code is CRACKED