The Power at Your Fingertips: Sharing the Gospel One Click at a Time

by Greg West

The Poached Egg website is currently averaging nearly 4,000 page views each day which is about double what it was this time last year. I think part of the reason for our growth is that so many Christians today are hungry for a more authentic faith and are waking up to the fact that learning and applying apologetics in their Christian walk in today’s relativistic and pluralistic culture is no longer an option set aside only for academics. The apostles who penned the New Testament, the earliest Christians and fathers of the church were all apologists who gave reasons for the hope that was within them—our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus! Not one of the biblical authors (including the Old Testament), nor Jesus himself ever condoned blind faith or faith based on emotional experience.

In the early to mid 20th century, people like G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, and Francis Schaeffer (among others) made apologetics accessible to the layman in the pews and brought Christianity into the public square. In the late 20the century through today we have people like Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, William Lane Craig and many others (the list goes on and is growing rapidly) continuing their legacy.

The post 9/11 resurgence of atheism, the rise of secularism the U.S. and the rest of Western society and culture has raised awareness of the need for apologetics as an integral part of discipleship. As liberalism, relativism, and pluralism, seeps its way into our churches and seminaries, many pastors, youth pastors, teachers, students, and laymen like you and me are waking up and embracing the discipline of apologetics and are engaging culture head on! When I started TPE just over four years ago, it was sometimes a struggle to find apologetics articles to post each day… today that is no longer a problem as they seem to be multiplying exponentially.

A big part of that is due to our technology and social media obsessed culture. Social media has its pros and cons, and like anything else with the potential for good it can be greatly abused, but for aiding in the cause of raising the awareness of the need for apologetics training as a holistic part of discipleship, it has become indispensible.

Not only do I spend many hours going through my news feeds reading and weeding through hundreds of article to find the best content to post, I spend just as much if not more time promoting TPE on various social media platforms… and this is where you, our readers, come in. If it were not for people like you sharing, ‘liking’, retweeting, and commenting on our posts, all the work I do would be mostly in vain and go mostly unnoticed.

For those of you who are already doing this, especially those who have been following from the beginning, I want to offer my sincerest thanks and appreciation. I don’t often get the chance to thank each and everyone personally, but trust me when I say that it greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed! For those of you who are not so much into sharing, ‘liking’ or retweeting, I would like to encourage you and humbly ask for you to do so, as believe it or not, it can make a huge difference—even a handful of likes, shares, and retweets can make the difference between a post being seen and read by hundreds of people, or a post being seen and read by thousands of people.

So, think about it, you may not have time to teach a class in apologetics or lead an apologetics based small group, but if you’re reading this right now, I guarantee that you have the time to help promote apologetics via social media. The power of a share button, a status update, or a tweet recommending this and other apologetics ministries and websites is something that should not be underestimated or taken for grated. You have the ability to help us make ‘disciple making disciples’ right there at your finger tips and I cannot stress enough how important that is! Social media is a great tool, so let us utilize it in spreading the gospel!

There are those who spread the Gospel in the streets or going door to door, and those who share one on one with their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family—and this too, is as important as anything we do here—but with social media, each and every post has the potential to go viral and reach a worldwide audience with just the touch of a button, so again, please think about and consider that.

Having said all the above, in the last four years The Poached Egg, in partnership with my favorite apologetics ministry, Ratio Christi,   has gone from being a simple blog with a Facebook and Twitter page to a full blown network of niched and specialized social pages for you to follow, bookmark, like, and share… with more to come as I am able to manage them. I hope you will take the time to check them out and follow the ones that might be of interest to you. So, again, a huge THANK YOU to those of you social media-lites who have been an invaluable resource to our growth and also to those of you who are starting today! Blessings.

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