What I’ve Learned from Blog Comments

by Chad Gross

It is hard to believe that Truthbomb Apologetics started 6 years ago.  In those six years I’ve had the pleasure (most of the time) to interact with both believers and unbelievers of all stripes and in that time I have learned a few things about blog comments and the different kinds of people that leave them.

The Good
1. The Sincere Questioner- I have received emails and comments from folks who sincerely desire answers to their questions and we are grateful to receive them.

2. The Encourager- These are the folks who leave comments such as, “Thank you for this!” or “Keep up the great work!”  This is always appreciated and I realize I need to do more of this myself.

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3. The Sharpener- This is the person who challenges something you’ve written or points out a possible error you’ve made in a very respectful manner.  Further, they may share a tip on how to better communicate a point your trying to make.  This is much appreciated and a great example of Proverbs 27:17: “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

The Bad
1. The Time Sucker- These are the folks who apparently have an endless amount of time to sit on their computer and argue with you, all the while not really wanting answers to their questions in the first place.  I recall once spending hours talking with a skeptic and I felt like I was offering some fairly sound arguments and he just wasn’t dealing with them.  Finally I said, “I’m really sorry I haven’t been able to help you remove the stumbling blocks that are keeping you from becoming a Christian, but I can offer you some great resources for further research.”  I’ll never forget his reply- “I have no desire to be a Christian.”  Lesson learned.  If  he would have told me that in the beginning, he could have saved me much time…


Truthbomb Apologetics: What I’ve Learned from Blog Comments