Articulating One’s Beliefs Can be a Challenge

by Rob Lundberg


Despite the fact of my not posting since the beginning of the month, I have not lost sight the mission. Working with the people I work with, some of them being some of the most profane people that I have ever come across, I have not lost sight with how I am “wired” and the ministry mission. Even though where I am (on my job) during a good chunk of the week, I know the presence of the Lord and the conviction of His Holy Spirit, even while I “occupy Mordor” and pray for a change.

Thankfully I still do get to enjoy a day off during the week, and I am going to be protecting that day in the coming weeks for specific reasons, that I will not mention here. In spite of all the demands of my job, this week was a wonderful day off and allowed me to speak to a repair man for one of our appliances, and a handful of students at the Germanna campus.

What was the nature of these conversations? They were spiritual in nature, and I would like to share here some thoughts on what I learned about these conversations.

The Need for Articulating the Christian Faith

One of our appliances stopped working and we needed some outside assistance. Even though I was able to unstop a bathroom sink and our bathtub drain (thank you YouTube), I was not able to work this task.

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The appliance repair company “rep” that came and assisted us is a Christian and attends a large local Baptist church regularly and adult Bible fellowship on a regular basis.  How did I know he was Christian?

Thankfully he shared that with my wife and I, by sharing the message on the back of his business card. When I asked him his understanding of his message, he started sharing with me a basic message of salvation and how Jesus’ death on the cross. Of course I was happy to see him start there. However when I continued with his on his understanding on a deeper level, he started struggling.  Why was there a struggle?

Allow me to share my concerns and they are very similar ones that I am hearing in other conversations.

Responses from Well Meaning Believers

Before I share these, please know that I love Jesus’ church (at large). I am “wired” the way that I am because the Lord redeemed me some 34 years ago from a “hard skepticism.” After I was changed by the Lord, I wanted to know why, and He has given me a passion to share the answers to the why questions with His saints, as a means of encouragement, equipping and even discipleship. That’s my final answer on that!  Now to the concerns…


The Real Issue: Articulating One’s Beliefs Can be a Challenge