Bible first, then apologetics…

by John Mays

The majority of the blogs posted here previously have either had to do with the church, myself, or false teachers.  Some may feel that those subjects have nothing to do with apologetics and, after all, this is supposed to be an apologetic blog.  Of course I would beg to differ, thus if one has read any of the previous blogs I obviously feel the church can do better, I am trying to use my limited knowledge to share, and, well, false teachers, in my opinion are part of the Biblical foundation of apologetics.  Why?  Because if we do not have a solid Biblical foundation, the best apologetic may provide the evidence for Christianity, but then what?  Do we disciple a new believer into a false belief system teaching them once they accept Christ life then becomes lollipops and Ferris wheels?  As I have stated previously, I have been on the other side and have seen mature Christians unable to answer basic questions.  And now being on the Christian side, I not only see why, but I am beginning to understand better, that without a solid Biblical foundation, the mature Christian, much less a new believer, will follow false teachers and normally get upset if one is to point out the error. 

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The biggest threat, it would appear, are the popular teachers of today.  We know Joel and the Word of Faith movement is false, but what about the TD Jakes folks and others that deny the Trinity?  Both groups being wrong, but yet both are some of the most popular.  In fact, if I were a betting man, which I am not, I would wager a great many mature, and new, believers alike do not know what orthodox Christianity is, and possibly do not care.

Once again, I am not saying I have all the answers.  However, we must put the Bible first, this should be obvious, before we present evidence, logic and reason for believing it.  Yes, I know, many say apologetics is for the lost, but in the majority of cases I face daily it would seem apologetics needs, not should be, but needs, to be taught to all professing believers.  Yet before we get there we must make sure both mature and new believer alike are grounded in scripture.  Most of you know and realize that if one simply picks and chooses a verse out of the Bible we can pretty much make it mean anything we want it to mean.  All too often scripture is taken so far out of context, or twisted, to meet the need or objective desired.  The prosperity folks, including Joel, take almost any piece of scripture that alludes to health or wealth and twist it in a way to lead people into the false belief of “anything asked, in Jesus name will be given”.  Of course they leave out the part about according to His will.  And Jakes, like many others, take an entire Book, apply the wrong genre to it, and decide that the Trinity is not grounded in scripture but in Jesus name only.  These are only a couple of the basic examples of context, and probably one of the main reasons we have so many different belief systems in today’s world.

You see, in apologetics we seek Truth.  There can only be one Truth.  It cannot be true for you and not for me.  Somebody has to be wrong…


Bible first, then apologetics… | Ratio Christi