Cultivating A Love For Knowledge In The Church

by Michael C. Sherrard

I am a pastor. Cultivating a love for knowledge in the church must begin with me. I must lead the way. I must push my church. I must challenge them in areas that they are uncomfortable. I must lead them into holiness. I must protect them from those that seek to take them captive through empty philosophy and deceit (Col. 2:1-8). I am a watchmen. I am a servant. I must be faithful with what my master has placed in my charge.

Being faithful begins with the understanding that my church needs more than knowledge. They need the warmth of fellowship that comes through healthy relationships. That is not cultivated from the pulpit. And if all I do is seek to lecture, I have failed them. Moreover, I buy the right to speak truth by humbly submitting my life to my church. I am not above them. I live with them. And this is the starting place for cultivating a love of knowledge in the church.

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Academics feel cold. They are not cold, most of them. But knowledge is a natural barrier between people. Knowledge puffs us up and can create distance in relationships. Knowing this, if you want to get knowledge into to your church, pour love into it first. Serve your church: stack chairs, clean restrooms, go to recitals, send thank you cards, remember birthdays, cry at funerals, and laugh.

Loving others shows them the true purpose of knowledge. Growing in knowledge is not just about learning the rules. It is not about becoming an annoying fact spouter. It is about knowing God fully. And in knowing God fully comes obedience more naturally which results in life experienced more truly. Let us not forget that life is found in knowing God and following His ways.

The value of knowledge cannot be grasped through a lecture. It must come through a relationship…


Cultivating A Love For Knowledge In The Church | RELATIONAL APOLOGETICS