Dear Atheists: I Don’t Believe In Your god Either!

by Charles Tinsley

Dear Atheists,

I don’t believe in your god either.

Let me clear the air before you think I’m abandoning the Christian faith.

You see, atheists have spent years upon years working to disprove a god that I also believe does not exist. From their sarcastic remarks about their god to the accusations they claim against him, I cannot help but to agree that the god they are working so hard to disprove does not exist.

I would go as far as to say this god never existed and is a product of human creation.

You see, atheists frequently equate their god to a mythical Santa Claus figure who is mixed with Aladdin’s genie and grants every wish and desire of his people’s heart. They claim this god promises a life of abundance and ease if people would just turn to him and work to disprove that. They say this god is a fairy tale, a farce, a figment of his follower’s imagination.

The truth is, he is.

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The atheist is working to disprove a god that has never once existed. A god that no Christian should have an issue with denying the existence of. In fact, the entire effort to disprove a man-made fairy tale is a foolish waste of time.

Yet they try.

They claim this god is vengeful, hateful, and arrogant. This god is full of disdain for anyone that opposes him. The atheist god made man and abandoned him to their own demise.

They say this god doesn’t exist, I concur.

You see, the Christian God doesn’t grant the every wish and desire of the Christian’s heart, He does quite the opposite. The whole essence of surrender to God is total abandonment. For one to follow God, they must abandon their wants and desires and make themselves available to His.

God never once promised any Christian a life of comfort and ease. In fact, the New Testament is full of Apostles being stoned, mocked, banished, and murdered for simply believing in Jesus Christ and telling other the Good News. Paul spent his last years in a PRISON emphasizing the importance of giving one’s focus and life over to God and finding comfort in tribulation just knowing the Holy Spirit is present. The Bible is clear that anything the Christian gets beyond a six foot deep hole is a blessing…


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