Do we not understand, or just not care?

by John Mays

There are many apologetic blogs out there that have been written in an attempt to explain the importance of, and for that matter, what or why, apologetics. I am not going to attempt that, or bore you with another definition or statistics. Most have heard them anyway. My purpose, as with the majority of what I write and do, is to make a point. And the point here should be obvious, do we not understand the importance of apologetics, or is it that we just do not care? My prayer is that many simply do not understand, and my fear is they just do not care!

All too often it seems followers grow comfortable in what they believe, regardless of if it be correct or not. And unfortunately, regardless of how gentle and loving one presents evidence and reason, the majority will not change their mind. This I credit to human nature. Change is not

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comfortable, and to admit what one has believed for ever how long they have believed it would be embarrassing to say the least and humility at best. However, it should make one mad to know that what they have been taught, or have heard, for so long is not right. Most followers, at least the one’s I have encountered, and the lost, know pretty much the same things about the Bible, and Christianity. The majority, on both sides, know John 3:16, Phil. 4:13, the fruit of the Spirit passage, the full armor of God, and of course my personal favorite, (sarcasm intended), Matthew 7:1…”Judge not”! Whether or not any or all are used in context doesn’t seem to matter. Seriously, John 3:16 covers everyone’s salvation, just believe, Phil. 4:13 covers most anything you want to accomplish, only the “good” Christians have the fruit of the Spirit, when you face hard times, well simply put on that whole armor of God, and if anyone questions any of these, of course they are judging your comfort zone, thus Judge not!

So what does apologetics have to do with any of this?


Do we not understand, or just not care? | Almost Heaven Apologetics