Enough Statistics, Give Me A Solution

by Michael C. Sherrard

We get it. We know the statistics. We know the trend. We know that young adults are leaving the church in droves. We know they leave because they view the church as a cold, oppressive place without answers to life’s most pressing questions. We’ve witnessed the exodus. So what’s the solution.

Sociologists, apologists, and the media have well articulated the abandoning of religion by many young adults. This is becoming old news. It is time for a remedy. Within Christianity is life, abundant life. Christianity has answers and fulfillment. God does exist. Jesus is his son. Forgiveness of sin can be had. Life everlasting awaits all who call on the name of the Lord. And young adults will respond to the Gospel if we bring it to them.

There are certain obstacles to the Gospel for young adults today. Some of the obstacles are the product of the “father of lies.” Some of the obstacles are the waste from the unfaithfulness of the previous generation. Some of the obstacles are age old issues of heart and will. And some of the obstacles are the collateral damage of a modern society being driven by culture shaping technology. But none of these obstacles can withstand the Gospel. We, the church, simply need to be aware of the obstacles and equip ourselves with the appropriate tool for their deconstruction so that the Gospel might be heard and believed…


Enough Statistics, Give Me A Solution | RELATIONAL APOLOGETICS